Wedding Cake for Summer or Outdoors Tips You Need to Learn Now

Display cake inside or in an air-conditioned tent

Whatever cake you decide to go with, take extra precaution by displaying the cake indoors where it’s cooler or in an air-conditioned tent. If you can’t do either, then at least put the cake under a canopy for shade. Indoor temperature should be about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that doors open when guests arrive, which will bring room temperatures up considerably during the summer.

Deliver cake just before the event

To lower the chances of the cake melting before your event starts or guests arrive, have the cake delivered just before the event. This leaves less time for any cake meltdown to occur!

Handle buttercream with care

Buttercream, whipped cream and meringue melts in heat. Different buttercreams hold up differently in the heat. Ask for summer icing options or a fondant-covered cake. Rolled fondant icing holds up better during the summer than buttercream-iced cakes. If you decide to go with buttercream, avoid placing extra weight such as gum paste flowers, fondant appliques or fondant bows on it.

Pop and press out the fondant if air pockets form

Fondant icing holds up better during the summer than buttercream. However, be aware of air pockets that can form under the fondant after it has been refrigerated and is in high heat. Don’t worry, because they can be popped with a pin and gently pressed out, so keep that trick in mind!

Order a sheet cake

Have a smaller cake for display, especially if it may come into contact with heat, and a sheet cake for serving most of your guests. The sheet cake can be kept in the refrigerator, and as such, will maintain the same freshness and goodness as when it was delivered. Besides, none of your guests will even know the difference!

Use a faux tier

If you like taller cakes, use faux tiers because they can help accelerate cutting of the cake. Faux tiers are also less expensive so they serve a double purpose for budget conscious customers.

Pick neutral colors

Lighter colors reflect heat, whilst darker colors are better at maintaining heat. For this reason, cakes will fare better in neutral colors for summer or outdoor weddings. Examples include white, ivory or other pale colors.

Avoid chocolate

If you don’t want your cake to melt or sag in the warm weather, avoid chocolate or white chocolate decorated cakes.

Substitute sugar flowers with edible wafer paper flowers

Planning to have some flowers on your cake? Sugar flowers will melt or wilt in heat, so opt for flowers made of edible wafer paper.